How to Get Rid of Scalp Acne

how to get rid of scalp acne

When we think of acne, we tend to think of it primarily affecting the face. At a push, we might recognize that it can also end up on your back – although at this point it is often referred to as ‘backne’.

The unfortunate and awkward reality though, is that acne can show up literally anywhere. That includes right on the scalp.

While acne on the scalp might not be as immediately visible as acne on your face, it is nevertheless still highly frustrating in its own right. It can be itchy, painful and it can lead to dandruff. What’s more, is that it can pretty much ruin any romantic moment where your partner is stroking your hair…

But what can you do about scalp acne? Bearing in mind it’s hidden under your hair, you obviously can’t apply the various different face washes and scrubs that you might normally. In this post, we’ll look at hot to get rid of scalp acne in the most painless and effective ways possible.

shampoo for scalp acne

Keep Your Hair Grease Free

The first thing you should do is to keep your hair as grease free as possible. I’m not talking about the kind of grease that your head produces naturally here though; in fact that type of grease is desirable!

Rather, I’m talking about keeping your hair free from the kind of grease that you use for styling. The most common cause for blocked pores is the use of hair products that include waxes, gels and more. Those blocked pores are then what can lead to acne!

This is true for pretty much anything that doesn’t easily evaporate or get absorbed by skin. Over time, wax will migrate to the skin on the head and here it can form an unnatural film and severely reduce airflow.

If you must use these kinds of products (and I understand that some of you really must…), then you could instead opt to use something natural or that is designed for sensitive skin. Likewise, you should always make sure that you wash your hair thoroughly at the end of the day and certainly don’t sleep with your product in.

Note as well that you should avoid your scalp when you are applying the product. Wax is designed for the hair and not for the skin – so try combing it through but don’t allow yourself to rub it into the head itself.

Even products that are designed to be restorative to the hair shouldn’t be applied to the scalp. The clue is in the name here: they are for the hair and the closer you get to the root, the less need there is for restoration anyway!


Reduce Sweat

While you don’t want to dry the skin out by any means, not all of your natural oil is good for you! In particular, sweat is a serious culprit when it comes to blocking your pores and making you that much more likely to get acne.

A solution to this problem is simply to sweat less or to wash more after sweating. This is particularly important following a workout, so if you’ve been lifting weights down the gym, now might be the time to have a thorough shower.

Another way you can reduce the sweat problem is to cut your hair shorter! In fact, if you want to know how to get rid of scalp acne quickly, changing your hair cut for a while is one of the best options!

scalp acne

Use a Little Tea Tree Oil

The best shampoo for scalp acne will be one that uses tea tree oil. As usual, you should be trying to avoid using products that contain lots of harsh chemicals and when it comes to using natural ingredients, tea tree oil is among the best. What’s more is that you can try adding tea tree oil to your own natural or mild shampoo.

Will you be missing out by avoiding those additives? Not at all! The main purpose for these chemicals is to make the products smell and look more appealing. This is to help with sales and it has nothing to do with the quality of the clean that it actually provides, so you can feel safe buying a product that is much milder and less harsh to the skin and hair.

So what is it that makes tea tree oil so effective? This is often referred to as a kind of holy trinity when it comes to removing infections that can impact on the pores and cause acne. Tea tree oil contains antiseptic properties, which will help to kill off and prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi and viruses. Studies have also shown that tea tree oil is able to kill off bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics! That makes it especially effective at purifying and cleansing your skin.

scalp acne

On top of all this, the oil can cut through oils (whether man made or produced by the scalp) and it will work well as a moisturizer for the skin as well.

Avoid Conditioner

Another thing to consider is removing the conditioner from your repertoire. Conditioner is designed to replace the moisture that you remove from your scalp when washing but it often brings with it a lot of chemical dyes and other unwanted ingredients yet again. Not only this, but conditioner becomes fairly unnecessary if you are someone who has a particularly oily scalp. Seeing as your pores are clogging, it doesn’t seem that you have any problem with oil – so stay away from the conditioner!

shampoo for scalp acne

Try Medicated Shampoo

If you try all these tricks and nothing works, then you might want to go a little further and try a medicated shampoo for acne. Look for shampoos that contain zinc and that are able to balance out an oily scalp.

Of course if the problem persists and you’re finding it’s making you unhappy, then you should also simply consider consulting your doctor! They will normally be able to provide a little more insight.