The Amazing Benefits of Spirulina

benefits of spirulina

Spirulina is a blueish-greenish substance that certainly doesn’t look like something you’d normally be excited to eat! Be this as it may though, there are actually a large number of benefits of spirulina and it’s something that more people should consider getting in their diet.

Spirulina is one of the most absurdly healthy things you can add to your diet and is quickly gaining popularity among health fanatics and researchers. But what exactly is it and why is it so interesting?

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is an algae and a freshwater plant. It has quickly risen to the status of superfood alongside its close relative chlorella and is grown everywhere from Mexico, to Africa and even Hawaii.

Spirulina does nothing by halves. It is not only intensely healthy, it is also intense in terms of its flavour. It’s often found in healthy energy bars, in fruit smoothies and even in supplement form.

So what are the precise benefits of spirulina and does it deserve a place in your diet? Let’s take a closer look…

Note that spirulina is most potent if you are able to get your hands on the Hawaiian kind. While this is even better than the rest though, any kind of spirulina will still offer a ton of advantages.

The Top Benefits of Spirulina


I often consider the word ‘detox’ to be a bit of a dirty word. Why? Because food manufacturers and product manufacturers will often just throw the word around without really defining what it means. We’re told that things are ‘detoxifying’ but we’re never given much of an explanation as to what that actually entails. The reality is that our bodies are very good at removing unwanted toxins, heavy metals and other invaders from our bodies without the help of a suppository!

healthy benefits of spirulina

But while this is true, it’s also a mistake to completely write off the whole notion of a detox. It is possible for metals like mercury and toxins like arsenic to build up if we eat too much of certain things and this can lead to serious health problems.

And there are some foods that can genuinely help us to combat this issue. Care to hazard a guess as to one of them (psst – the clue is that this is an article about spirulina!!)? That’s right, it’s spirulina!

Spirulina has been shown to potentially remove arsenic from the body, which is important seeing as arsenic is one of the most serious toxins that we encounter regularly. According to the WHO, the USA is one of the countries most affected by high levels of inorganic arsenic!

In one study, giving a spirulina extract to patients affected by chronic arsenic poisoning was found to decrease arsenic by 47% more than the placebo group!


While you’re destroying the arsenic in your body with spirulina, you will also benefit from reduced candida. Candida is a species of bacteria that can lead to leaky gut syndrome and candidiasis – the most common cause of mycosis-related death in the US.

High levels of candida also correlate with autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, consuming lots of sugar and other unnatural additives in our diets has made these issues more prevalent. The good news is that spirulina can help to combat candida as a potent antibacterial agent. In studies it has been shown to be especially effective in combating candida!

spirulina benefits

This is interesting because it also means that regular consumption of spirulina might help to improve the immune system by balancing the gut flora. 

Energy Levels

Spirulina is not just great at preventing illness and boosting the immune system, but it also seems to enhance energy levels. This is something to do with the chemical structure of the substance which is able to improve the ability of the mitochondria to use energy. Apparently, the best way to enjoy the energy boosting benefits of spirulina is to combine 1 teaspoon with 12 ounces of lime and freeze that mixture in an ice cube tray. You can then eat the blocks of ice for a morning wake-up call!

Weight Loss

It seems that every superfood out there can help you to accelerate weight loss and spirulina does not disappoint in this regard either. This is one of the biggest benefits of spirulina for improving general health and it seems to work through the same process as the energy boosting.

In other words, by making the cells more efficient at using energy, spirulina helps to ensure that more energy is used and less of it is stored as fat. Spirulina is also a rich source of protein and in some preliminary studies it has been shown that it might also be effective at curbing hunger.

healthy benefits of spirulina

More Benefits!

Still not convinced? Then bear in mind that we’ve only touched on a few of the benefits of spirulina and there are actually many more!

Among other things, spirulina is also able to reduce the likelihood of stroke and improve the heart by helping blood pressure and cholesterol! By improving the balance of gut flora, it may boost the mood and energy levels even further. And because it boosts mitochondrial function, this should lead to better sleep and even better brain function!