What is the Healthiest Type of Salt? Sea-Salt, Himalayan or Table?

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Salt was a scapegoat for a large number of different health problems for a long time and was blamed for heart problems and a range of other issues. More recently though, research has been clearing salt’s good name and discovering that it actually isn’t harmful for us. In fact, salt is an important part of our diet and does a lot of good and has no link whatsoever to heart disease or the other conditions that it has been accused of!

That means that you can start adding salt to your meals again guilt free and enjoy a little more taste with those eggs or those chips.

Not only that, but salt also comes in a lot of different forms – something that not everyone is aware of. And some of these types of salt are healthier than others; some even provide a lot of nutritional advantages being high in a range of important vitamins and minerals.

So, let’s take a look at the healthiest salt to see which type you’ll benefit from most… Along the way, we’ll also take a closer look at just what salt is and why it’s so important.

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What is Table Salt?

To understand which salt is healthy and why, it can be useful to first consider the type of salt that we all are most familiar with: table salt.

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Table salt is simply sodium chloride and is an industrial product. That is to say that it is made in a large factory somewhere and probably doesn’t have much nutritional value as a result. During this process, the salt is heated to somewhere around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and is then treated with caustic soda which removes the other minerals – i.e., which removes the added goodness! Other agents are also then added to the salt in order to help it pour more efficiently.

Now you might have heard that salt can dehydrate you and that is certainly true. Again though, this is the fault of our modern manufactured table salt, rather than salt in general. When you consume salt that has been stripped of other minerals, it draws out the intracellular water. This can place strain on the kidneys over time.

What is Healthy Salt?

But while that’s true of the cheap table salt you buy in stores and the salt that gets thrown all over your meals to add flavor, it’s not true of salt per-say. As we’ve alluded to already, there are healthy types of salt and if you know how to seek these out, then you can avoid the health risks associated with ‘bad’ salt.

True sea salt is a great start for example. This type of salt does not have the ‘anti-caking agents’ that are added to table salt for easy pouring. What’s more, is that you can also get a lot of other minerals from this type of salt which will help you to improve your health in other ways. Apart from anything else, you will likely find that real sea salt is much tastier. It is made up of very large, crunchy crystals which have a much more satisfying texture and which taste stronger as well. Turns out the body knows what’s good for it!

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However, there are some downsides to this type of salt too. One is simply that we have badly polluted our seas with heavy metals and other contaminants and these can make their way into natural sea salt. This is the same reason that you need to go careful eating lots of tuna for fear of getting mercury poisoning.

Are you noticing the common theme here? Humans are to blame for most of the unhealthy foods and environments in the world.

The Healthiest Salt: Himalayan Crystal Salt

himalayan salt healthiest

So what is the healthiest type of salt? That honor may well go to Himalayan crystal salt. This is a type of salt that is sourced from deep mines within the Himalayas. This might sound like the start of a fairy tale but there’s a good reason that the best health foods are often so far flung – there’s less interference from modern man!

Moreover, Himalayan crystal salt comes from deep mines which in turn means that it has been kept well below the surface of the Earth. Here, it is safe from modern contaminants. More excitingly though, it’s also exposed to countless crucial nutrients that give it its amazing health properties.

More specifically, Himalayan crystal salt contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements, all of which have been shown to be very beneficial for general health and wellbeing. This makes it highly nutritious and almost to the point of being a ‘superfood’. Of course, the amount of salt you add to a meal means that you’re only getting very tiny amounts of these beneficial nutrients but the difference is clear: instead of consuming salt that drains you of water and contains no goodness, you’re instead consuming salt that is enriched with amazing health properties.

On top of this, real salt like this is thought to be beneficial for balancing pH levels and even enhancing nutrient absorption from other sources. Salt is an important electrolyte that is important for good nervous system function, while crystal salt won’t dehydrate the cells in the same way.

Make the Switch Today!

Finally, the last benefit of Himalayan crystal salt is that it is an attractive pink color. If you have guests round, then you might just find that this is an interesting conversation starter. Why serve up boring white salt when you can tell your guests all about the amazing health benefits you’re offering them?

For all these reasons, it’s well worth making the switch to Himalayan crystal salt, sea salt or another type of ‘healthy salt’ rather than the over-processed table salt that most of us eat every day. It’s not going to transform your life but it’s always nice to know that the stuff you’re sprinkling on your meals is helping you rather than harming you! Isn't it nice to know that you actually can have healthy salt!?


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