Cissus by VitaMonk
Cissus Quadrangularis Supplement
Promotes Healthy Bones, Joints, Connective Tissues
Cissus Quadrangularis
Cissus Quadrangularis
Cissus by VitaMonk
Cissus Quadrangularis Supplement
Promotes Healthy Bones, Joints, Connective Tissues
Cissus Quadrangularis
Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis


Cissus Quadrangularis is an all-natural medicinal plant native to Africa and Asia, that’s been used for thousands of years by local tribes for a wide range of beneficial purposes.

Commonly called the “Bone Setter” this supplement is frequently used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to:

  • Support bone strength & bolster joints
  • Improve (and repair) joint and bone health.
  • REBUILD & promote healthy cartilage
  • Optimize stress and hormones (cortisol & testosterone).
  • Support pain management

Use Cissus Quadrangularis to stay active, move with ease and work out comfortably.

Supports Healthy Joints, Bones, Tendons, & Ligaments

Cissus quadrangularis has been shown to support bone strength and bolster joints. It’s often used to support management of joint pain, and is the go-to joint supplement for bodybuilders due to its powerful effects.

In fact - it’s one of the few compounds that may actually support REBUILDING cartilage and even collagen (a protein that connects cells and tissues to help repair damaged fibers)

It may even promote bone growth, support healthy bone mass, and support fracture healing in healthy individuals!

Cissus Quadrangularis

Promotes Healthy Hormone Levels To Support Stress and Muscle Growth

Scientific studies show that cissus quadrangularis is a fantastic optimizer of the hormones cortisol and testosterone for both men and women (as well as the glucose response in healthy individuals).

Not only can this regulate stress, it can also help you promote management of body fat and support growth of lean muscle mass.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Safe & Effective

VitaMonk's products are formulated by licensed doctors and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities following strict GMP compliance standards.

We go to great lengths to make sure our supplements meet the highest safety standards. When you use our supplements, you KNOW that you’ll only get the highest quality ingredients that have the most scientific backing to help you get results.

Cissus Quadrangularis
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Cissus Overview

Cissus quadrangularis has long been used as an Ayurvedic medicine in the holistic treatment of feminine-related conditions. It has also been traditionally used in the support of bone strength, the healthy rebuilding of cartilage, the maintenance of joints, and for promoting digestive health. Indian women have long used it to help support the menopause, menstrual cycle, and libido. 

Because of its many traditional uses, Cissus has become the focus of much western medical research. Its use seems to be especially popular with athletes and bodybuilders, who believe it may help to support exercise related joint health. 

The Cissus quadrangularis herb (also known as Asthi Shrinkhala) is a member of the grape family. It is native to the Indian subcontinent, Africa, and SE Asia. The plant is rich in the resveratrol oligostilbene quadrangularin A [1], carotenoids, triterpenoids, ascorbic acid, Friedelin, Vitamins C and E, ketosteroids, δ-amyrone and δ-amyrin. It is therefore likely to enhance antioxidant enzyme activity and to have a role in lipid peroxidation [2]. 

The Nervous System

  • May have sedative effects 

Although popular with athletes because of its support in joint health it seems that this may be a two edged sword as Cissus is associated with sedative effects.

It has been shown to increase the length of diazepam induced sleep and to reduce sleep latency in mice. This finding is thought to be related to enhanced levels of GABAA signaling [3].

  • Impact on power output

The above study also reported that oral supplementation with aqueous Cissus root extract has smooth muscle relaxing properties in mice [3]. These effects were observed after about 30 minutes. It is therefore not recommended to take Cissus before working out.

Bone Mass and Joint Health

In addition to being a mechanism for movement and support, and being involved in the creation of blood cells, the human skeleton acts as a storage reservoir for important minerals. 

Bone metabolism itself involves a coordinated removal (bone resorption) and rebuilding (ossification) of bone tissue. This process involves two main cell types: Osteoblasts (involved in the creation of new bone) and osteoclasts (responsible for bone break down).

  • Support of growth factors

It has been reported that regulation of growth factors produced in the bone by osteoblasts is supported by the use of Cissus quadrangularis extract in cell cultures [4].  Further to this, maintenance of rat osteoblast proliferation, mineralization [5], and differentiation of stem cells into osteoblasts was also observed [6]. This support is further enhanced in the presence of estrogen [9].

It also appears that collagen syntheses levels may be enhanced in the osteoblasts [6]. This is likely to support joint health.

Although it has traditionally been used in the treatment of bone fractures, there is presently no evidence that Cissus directly acts in the long-term to set bones in humans. It has however been reported that Cissus may act indirectly to support bone recovery through the regulation of corticosteroid signaling mechanisms and through maintaining bone tissue syntheses [7, 8].

  • Support of healthy bone strength during the menopause 

Many experiments have been performed relating to the effect of Cissus quadrangularis and bone mass. When mimicking menopausal effects in rats, an oral intake of 500 mg/Kg of Cissus fully supported healthy bone strength and strongly helped to maintain bone thickness [9]. 

Both estrogen and Vitamin D are known to play major roles in bone strength and mass. The levels of both were found to be increased in the serum of rats given a Cissus extract supplement.  Furthermore, the circulation of estrogen and Vitamin D was supported in the serum [10].

Studies in mice have also demonstrated that supplementation with Cissus is able to support bone mineral density and mass [11].

Support of the Inflammatory Response

Cissus contains many antioxidants and tannin structures. These are thought to be involved in the regulation of macrophages and enzymes, such as COX1 and 2, and 5-LOX, that play important roles in inflammatory responses [12, 13].

Body Weight

  • May support healthy weight management in overweight people

There have been a couple of studies linking the consumption of 300 mg Cissus with healthy weight management in overweight individuals. This level of supplementation standardizes to 2.5% ketosteroids. 

In the first study Cissus supplementation was taken either by itself or in conjunction with Irvingia Gabonensis (African mango seed) supplementation (this supplement has been suggested to support the fat burning process) [14, 15]. In both cases significant weight reductions were reported in the experimental group compared to the placebo group. The two supplements were reported to act synergistically. 

The second study combined Cissus with a green tea based catechin and vitamin B formulation to investigate weight loss in overweight adult men and women. After the trial period, there were noticeable reductions in weight reported in those taking the formulation regardless of diet. This formulation was also noted to support healthier cholesterol and fasting blood glucose levels.

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What are some of the commonly used names for Cissus quadrangularis?

It is often referred to as Bone Setter, Devil’s backbone, Pirandai, Adamant creeper, and Hadjobo.

Does Cissus play a role in organs such as the stomach, intestines, and liver?

Cissus has been reported to be involved in interactions in the stomach, where it is may have a role in supporting healthy proton pump function [16], and in supporting the stomach lining against ulcer formation.

In the liver Cissus supplementation (at very high levels) in the diet of rats may help to support against hepatic peroxidation and serum liver enzymes. 

Is Cissus good for pain in the joints?

It has long been used as a traditional natural treatment for joint and bone health. 

Is Super Cissus a wonder supplement?

Many people have mentioned on bodybuilding forums that it has helped them to support joint recovery. 

Is Cissus a steroid?

Cissus is a plant. Like all plants it contains plant sterols and stanols (phytosterols). There are also many sterol rich / enriched foods available, such as soybean oil, cereals, and legumes.

Plant sterols may help to maintain cholesterol in a healthy range and so may help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Can I use it pre-workout?

Not recommended, Cissus is thought to have quick-working muscle relaxing properties so it should not be used before working out.

Do cissus quadrangularis capsules contain vitamin C?

Vitamin C (and E) occurs naturally in the Cissus quadrangularis plant.

What is the recommended dose?

The serving size is two capsules. Please note that the daily value has not yet been established. 

What is the dosage of a VitaMonk Cissus capsule?

Each capsule contains 500 mg (0.5 g) of Cissus quadrangularis. There are 120 capsules per product container. Each container contains sixty 1000 mg (one gram) servings. So each order should last for about eight weeks.

Are there any unpleasant Cissus q side effects?

None of the research work performed so far has reported any major side effects in their results. Like with any natural medicinal product it is best to err on the side of caution if you add supplements to your diet. It is worthwhile to consider consulting, and getting advice from, a medical practitioner before use. This is especially the case if you have any pre-existing conditions. 

How much Cissus for weight management?

The best way to maintain an healthy weight is through a healthy diet and a healthy exercise program. 

How to take Cissus Powder?

Simply take VitaMonk capsules and tablets; it is much easier than messing around with powders.

Why does Cissus Works?

It contains a multitude of antioxidant and biological active components.

What is Cissus extract used for?

In the support of bone and joint health. It may also be used to help support weight control and it may help in the relief of some menopausal aspects. 

Are there any benefits to buying Cissus from you online?

Yes, we are able to offer free shipping on orders over $35. This may help you save money compared to similar products for sale on the high street.

Is your product suitable for vegetarians?

Yes this is a plant-based product and it is enclosed in a veggie capsule.