Pure Pterostilbene Capsules - Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging
Pterostilbene VitaMonk
Pterostilbene 150mg Bottle
Pterostilbene 150mg Bottle
Pure Pterostilbene Capsules - Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging
Pterostilbene VitaMonk
Pterostilbene 150mg Bottle
Pterostilbene 150mg Bottle

Pure Pterostilbene Capsules
Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging

Antioxidant, anti-aging support and DNA repair


60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Ever heard people say blueberries and red wine are healthy for you? That’s because they’re a source of (trans-)pterostilbene - a naturally occurring molecule that can be a powerful way to:

  • Promote healthy brain cells (and overall brain health)
  • Support healthy cognitive functions, memory and motor functions
  • Repair DNA (acting as a 100% natural antioxidant)
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels & blood circulation
  • Promote healthy arteries and veins

Supplementing your diet with pterostilbene can pack a potent nutritional punch, promoting healthy aging, longevity and quality of life.

Our pterostilbene capsules contain a high dose of effective ingredients, and NO artificial fillers (no titanium dioxide, no magnesium stearate)- for optimal, safe results.

Supplement Facts:

  • Serving Size: 1 Capsule
  • Servings Per Container: 60 
  • Amount Per Serving: 50mg or 100mg or 150mg (depending on bottle purchased)
  • Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Rice Flour, Rice Extract

"Nice high dose, small capsules!"

- Desertsiren (Amazon customer)

100% Natural Antioxidant (Supporting DNA Repair and Healthy Circulation)

The antioxidant properties of pterostilbene have been scientifically documented to support healthy cellular function in both your brain and your body.

It provides a healthy response to oxidative stress within your cells, thereby protecting your DNA from free radical damage

These antioxidants also promote healthy arteries and veins - giving you a strong circulatory system you can rely on

Pure Pterostilbene Capsules - Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging

Support Cognition and Mood

Multiple studies have observed pterostilbene’s link to support memory and motor function.

Some scientists even believe that pterostilbene has the potential to promote healthy dopamine levels in the brain - which can help improve your mood, boost your memory and accelerate learning.

Pure Pterostilbene Capsules - Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging

Healthy Blood Sugar & Triglyceride Levels

Taking pterostilbene may also support normal glucose and triglyceride levels in healthy individuals.

Through expressing essential proteins, this can regulate your cellular differentiation, development and metabolism.

Pure Pterostilbene Capsules - Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging

Safe & Effective

VitaMonk's products are formulated by licensed doctors and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities following strict GMP compliance standards.

We go to great lengths to make sure our supplements meet the highest safety standards. When you use our supplements, you KNOW that you’ll only get the highest quality ingredients that have the most scientific backing to help you get results.

Pure Pterostilbene Capsules - Supplement To Promote Longevity & Healthy Aging

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you'll love this product that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with this supplement after using it, just let us know.


Scientific References & Further Reading

Pterostilbene Overview 

Pterostilbene is an antioxidant with a similar structure to trans resveratrol. Due to its potent ability to activate both SIRT1 (sirtuin 1), AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), and PPAR upregulation it is thought to have beneficial supporting effects related to cognition, blood sugar levels, cell damage, the cardiovascular system, the muscular system, weight loss, and healthy inflammatory response as well as longevity (possibly due to downregulation of the mTOR pathway). As an antioxidant it plays an important role in supporting healthy response to DNA damage. 

The full chemical name for Pterostilbene is trans-3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxystilbene.

The common name for this substance is derived from the genus of plants (Pterocarpus) from which it was first discovered. This plant based compound is naturally found in the heartwoods of Pterocarpus species such as Sandalwood and the Indian Kino tree, and is also naturally found in grape leaves, blueberries, peanuts, almonds, the roots of false rhubarb, and in the house-plant Dracaena. Like many other stilbenes it plays a natural role in plant defense.

The numerous health benefits associated with Pterostilbene supplementation are mainly accredited to its antioxidant properties. These and other factors help to improve and correct normal cell function.

Some of the main biological effects of Pterostilbene include:

  • Reduction in Oxidative stress (OS)
  • Production of reactive oxygen species (ROS; e.g., hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion) important in pathogenesis
  • Increased antioxidant capabilities
  • Increased expression of glutathione, glutathione reductase, and glutathione peroxidase
  • Increased induced expression of catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD)
  • Increased activation of AMPK and SIRT1 (sirtuin 1)
  • Down-regulation and inhibition of mTOR signaling

Pterostilbene is chemically similar to resveratrol (also available from VitaMonk). Resveratrol is found in red wine and is thought to be associated with many of the health given properties that are often linked to consumption of the beverage.

Pterostilbene portrays an advantage over resveratrol in that it is more readily absorbed into the body following oral digestion (giving improved bio-availability and activity) [1].

Along with piceatannol, these antioxidants belong to a group of dietary compounds known as stilbenes. Pterostilbene has a greater bioavailability than other stilbenes (close to 4-fold as much as resveratrol), and thus has enhanced dietary benefits. These are thought to contribute to its reported supportive effects.

Brain Function and Health

Pterostilbene is strongly linked to three main neurological benefits:

  • Support of neurological function
  • Enhancing mood
  • Supporting memory and learning

Thus like other neurological associated products, such as Alpha-GPC and Uridine Monophosphate, it may be beneficial for supporting brain cognition.

Pterostilbene is thought to have a more potent effect on neuroinflammation than resveratrol. It has been demonstrated that 10 to 30 micromolar may reduce lipopolysaccharide induced nitric oxide (NO) production in microglia [2]. 

Pterostilbene has been demonstrated to improve mental actions and processes in animals such as rats over a ~3 month period. These improvements were correlated to increased concentration of the compound in the hippocampus [3]. 

It has been reported that Pterostilbene has an impact upon ERK phosphorylation in the hippocampus. It can therefore improve mood and support normal response to anxiety.

Inflammatory Response and Immunological Aspects  

As it is much more bio-available, pterostilbene likely provides a much greater inflammatory response effect at lower concentrations when taken orally than has been reported for resveratrol. It is thought that the main cause of this greater action is due to indirect antioxidant effects.

Healthy Aging

In elderly people a progressive decline in antioxidant activity caused by oxidative stress is one of the main mechanisms for age-related deterioration of cognition and motor function.

Pterostilbene is possibly able to modify the expression levels of numerous important mitochondrial genes and may reduce the effects of oxidative stress observed during neuronal aging processes [4]. 

The mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell as they are involved in the creation of energy in the form of ATP. It has been reported that Pterostilbene can support mitochondria depolarization.

Impact on the Cardiovascular System

Pterostilbene is reported to support healthy blood pressure levels and studies using blueberries suggest that activation of antioxidant enzymes may lead to protective benefits for the cardiovascular system [5, 6].

There are mixed results of Pterostilbene intake and its impact on cholesterol. It has been reported that it may be a PPARα ligand. In hamsters, consumption of pterostilbene supported better levels of ‘bad’ LDL-Cholesterol and ‘good’ HDL-Cholesterol [7]. Conversely, it has been reported that cholesterol levels were negatively affected in people who already have high LDL-cholesterol levels [6]. 

Interestingly, there was a correlated weight-loss observed with supplementation of Pterostilbene; neither weight-loss or support of HDL-cholesterol levels occurred when taken alongside grape seed extract (GSE). GSEs are also rich in antioxidants and are reported to support estrogen excess and an ability to enhance blood flow in healthy individuals.

If you are an healthy individual wishing to maintain healthy cholesterol levels you may wish to take a look at the POLICOSANOL product, which is also available for sale online at VitaMonk and on our Amazon store.

Supplementation with pterostilbene may also support healthy levels of serum triglycerides in rats with high blood sugar levels.

When Pterostilbene is supplemented alongside an extended-release of caffeine there is an observable benefit in resistance training-induced skeletal muscle. This occurs with no adverse affects on blood chemistry [8].

Further Reading

  • Examine: A look at a more potent dimethylated derivative of resveratrol [https://examine.com/supplements/Pterostilbene] 
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  • Quora: Compare experiences and dosage models of using pterostilbene’s. [https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-experiences-with-pterostilbene-reservatrol-or-both-combined-Which-dosage-are-you-taking]
  • WebMD: Nutrients That Work Better Together; Diet Findings [http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/food-synergy-nutrients-that-work-better-together#1]

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Further references used and compared in the significant research of this article

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What is pterostilbene thought to affect?

Pterostilbene may promote healthy plasma and thus support healthy levels of blood glucose. It also reduces oxidative stress, HbA1c, glucose-6-phosphatase, and Fructose-1, 6-biphosphatase. While GSH, GST, SOD, GPx, catalase, and hexokinase are all thought to be increased.

Does pterostilbene have any neurological brain boosting effects? 

Rodents given pterostilbene supplements were observed to have increased maze performance, cognitive performance, MnSOD, and PPAR-α; there was an associated decrease in phosphorylated JnK and tau.

What is the natural role of pterostilbene? Where does it come from?

It is a plant phytoalexin. It contains antioxidants and substances that support a healthy response to microbes, which in turn play a major role in plant defense. 

What are the main benefits of Pterostilbene?

The health benefits are largely associated with its antioxidant activity, and are thus likely to be vast. 

Does pterostilbene have health benefit effects during aging? 

Yes, Pterostilbene has been seen to promote healthy aging in various animals and in yeast.

How does Pterostilbene help to protect the brain?

By direct and indirect activation of signaling pathways that play a role in protecting and restoration of neurons from oxidative stress and inflammation.

Pterostilbene vs Resveratrol

Although pterostilbene is more bioavailable than the closely related polyphenol resveratrol, at the current time much more is known about the health benefits and the functions and activities of the latter. You’ll be glad to know that in addition to this product that VitaMonk also produces a combined supplement that contains both resveratrol AND pterostilbene.

What about combining Pterostilbene and Nicotinamide riboside?

Nicotinamide riboside is a form of vitamin B3 that is a precursor of NAD+. Research that used both of these compounds (vitamins) concurrently showed that NAD+ levels were better supported.

What is Pterostilbene and caffeine used for?

The combination of these two pharmaceuticals has been shown to be of benefit to skeletal muscle in resistance-trained subjects.

I've heard it's a magical remedy to relieve everything?

No, sorry this isn't true. It's not some magical cure all. When Pterostilbene supplements are consumed they act to activate AMPK, SIRT1 and work to naturally balance free radicals due to their ability to increase antioxidant activities, it's not made from fairy dust (unfortunately). 

What foods contain Pterostilbene? 

It appears to be present at low concentrations in multiple berries and nuts eg., blueberries, and almonds.

Where can I buy Pterostilbene? 

You can buy pterostilbene from our website here for the best deal, or you can purchase from our Amazon store (but be forewarned the prices are a little higher on Amazon).

How many Capsules are in a container?

60 capsules. This provides a one to two month supply dose for adults, both men and women, depending upon how many times per day they take the product.

What does each tablet/pill contain?

Capsules come in three different dosages, either containing 50 mg, 100 mg, or 150 mg of Trans-Pterostilbene powder. Other ingredients include Vegetable cellulose (capsule) and Rice flour.

How can I learn more about the parts of the human body that I have issues with?

If you would like to learn more about things like the Prostate, liver, colon, vascular, and proliferation and pancreatic issues are treated then the content provided by the WebMD colleagues are a great place to start.

Pterostilbene, how much to take?

It is recommended to take the product daily for maximal health benefits. 

Are VitaMonk supplement capsules, tablets, and pills suitable for vegetarians and seniors?

Yes, our gluten free herb vegicaps are suitable for vegetarians.

What are the shipping costs?

Free shipping is available on orders of $35 or more.

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