Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain
Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain

Uridine Monophosphate Capsules
Supercharge Your Brain

Promotes synapse growth, neuroplasticity, and healthy brain function


60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Uridine is a powerful brain-boosting supplement that may support some remarkable cognitive enhancing properties.

In healthy individuals, uridine has been shown to:

  • Promote both healthy short-term and long-term memory
  • Potentially improve IQ and fluid intelligence
  • Support overall healthy brain function
  • Promote healthy synaptic plasticity
  • Support healthy mood (through affecting dopamine levels)

If you want to keep your brain in top condition for peak mental performance - uridine is a MUST to add to your supplement regimen!

"I have to say this product has helped tremendously with my mental health and focus. I have a demanding job that pulls me many directions. Very impressed!"


Promote Your Memory, Fluid Intelligence And Synaptic Plasticity

The remarkable effects of uridine have attracted a lot of interest from scientists and experts alike.

Scientific studies show that uridine increases the production of neurites in your brain, which play an important role in storing memories.

It promotes both short-term and long-term memory in healthy individuals- and it might even regulate enzymes to promote healthy IQ and promote fluid intelligence.

In other words: uridine supplementation can help you support your memory, retention of memories, and overall brain function. 

Uridine combines great with other cognitive enhancing supplements like Alpha GPC choline and Omega-3 fatty acids for added brain-boosting benefits

Combined, these supplements help you create new synaptic connections and neural pathways in your brain!

Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain

Supports Healthy Brain Function 

Another interesting finding is that uridine may promote beneficial cdp-choline levels in the brain.

In healthy individuals, this may support:

  • brain health
  • improved memory & problem-solving ability
  • improved alertness, concentration and multi-tasking

Cdp-choline also promotes healthy dopamine production in your brain, which may improve your mood!

Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain

Safe & Effective

VitaMonk's products are formulated by licensed doctors and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities following strict GMP compliance standards.

We go to great lengths to make sure our supplements meet the highest safety standards. When you use our supplements, you KNOW that you’ll only get the highest quality ingredients that have the most scientific backing to help you get results.

Uridine Monophosphate Capsules - Supercharge Your Brain

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you'll love this product that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with this supplement after using it, just let us know.


Scientific References & Further Reading

An Overview of Uridine

  • Supports cellular membrane synthesis
  • Key RNA component
  • Able to cross the blood-brain barrier

The nucleotide uridine monophosphate (UMP) is a ribonucleic acid (RNA) monomer. When taken alongside DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) it may support cognition in healthy individuals. When taken by itself it is thought to enhance mood, and to support alertness, sleep, and calmness.

The glycosylated pyrimidine analog uridine contains uracil, and it is one of the building blocks of RNA. As one of the three major biological macromolecules, RNA is essential for human life. It plays a major role in numerous biological processes, such as messaging of genetic information; gene coding, regulation, and expression; and protein translation. 

In RNA, the uracil base is complementary to adenine; this is one of the major differences between RNA and DNA, where the more energetically expensive thymine is used as a nucleotide base instead.

Memory Formation and Retention 

Uridine is able to cross the blood brain barrier using a nucleoside carrier system, though its affinity with the receptors of this system is reported to be weaker than observed for adenosine [1]. Furthermore, it is reported that taking uridine orally supports the brain phospholipids precursor phosphoethanolamine in healthy individuals [2]. 

It is very likely that uridine can support synaptic function through synapses as it promotes healthy levels of phosphatidylcholine in the brain [3]; this is a key component of the membranes of dendrites (extensions of the nerve cell involved in the transmission of impulses). 

Uridine is also thought to induce differentiation and growth of neurons via NGF signaling processes. This may help to promote healthy neuronal growth [4]. 

Preliminary studies suggest that when uridine is taken alongside Alpha-GPC as part of the nutritional supplement Cognitex® that it may help support cognitive performance [5]. It has also been reported that supplementation with uridine over a six-week period may help to support a healthy effect in the moods of children. 

Inflammatory Response and Support of Pain Relief 

When taken alongside folic acid and vitamin B12, UMP is reported to support some aspects of eye health Similarly, support of pain management and promotion of functionality may also occur in people taking a combination of diclofenac-cholestyramine with uridine, cytidine, and vitamin B12 [6].

Animal studies using mice suggest that uridine is able to support healthy inflammatory response and that Uridine may play a role in supporting the cardiovascular system in healthy individuals through cardioprotective mechanisms and preservation of ATP and creatine phosphate levels [7]. 

Uridine is associated with the normalization of abnormal adipose tissue levels. It is thought to do this through mechanisms related to the support of limb fat [9]. 

Synergy and Interactions With Other Nutrients

It has been reported that when uridine is taken in conjunction with the DHA fatty acid (found in fish oil) that levels of phosphatidylcholine may become enhanced in the brain. Further to this it has been reported that taking uridine, choline, and DHA together may support healthier levels of brain proteins and phosphatides within synaptic membranes both in vitro and in vivo [10]. 

It has also been reported that uridine is able to help enhance the levels of choline found in the brain. Choline is thought to have many benefits with regards to neuronal function in healthy individuals.

Further Reading

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The following helpful review articles are also worth a read for those wishing to learn more and increase their knowledge about how uridine works.

Kimura et al. Uridine receptor: discovery and its involvement in sleep mechanism. Sleep. 2001 May 1;24(3):251-60 dbid. 

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Which foods contain Uridine?

As RNA is found in the cells of all animals and plants it is no surprise that it is present in most foods. However, as the non-phosphorylated form of Uridine is broken down by the liver and in the gastrointestinal tract it is not readily bio-available in this form beyond the first pass of metabolism. Uridine is naturally synthesized in the liver as UMP.                       

Some foods that have naturally high levels of uridine include beer and breast milk, whereas foods that are high in the RNA nucleotide (which is partially made of uracil) include organ meats, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables (e.g., Broccoli and Chinese Cabbage), oats, fish, and mushrooms. 

What Should I take Uridine with for maximum benefit?

Uridine works synergistically with fish oil (DHA; an Omega-3 fatty acid) and choline in the support of synaptic formation and function in animals [11]. 

When taken alongside Alpha-GPC (also available from VitaMonk), phosphatidylserine, pregnenolone, blueberry extract and vinpocetine, as part of the Cognitex® formula dietary supplement, it was reported that uridine powder may help support short term memory and recognition, recall, and attention responses. It should be noted that this was an uncontrolled trial and further research work is required [5].

Is Uridine considered to be a pseudovitamin or/and nootropic? 

Yes, it is thought to support cognitive potential and well being, and is considered to be vital for the body. It is not classed as a true vitamin. 

What other scientific names is uridine known by?

5′-uridylic acid.

What are the other main constituents of RNA?

Adenosine, Cytidine, and Guanine. 

How is uridine synthesized into phospholipids?

The CDP-choline pathway (Kennedy cycle) is able to make use of uridine and cytidine (as substrates of Phosphatidylcholine) when catalyzing choline at the expense of ATP.

Can taking all natural treatments such as uridine have any impact upon aesthetics?

It has been reported that uridine accumulates in the hair, suggesting that it may play a role in nucleotide synthesis during hair growth [12].

Should I take Uridine monophosphate with or without my food?

It is not likely to make much difference whether you take it with food or not.

 What is uridine?

It is a nucleoside. It is composed of a pyrimidine base and a nucleic acid. 

What is uridine phosphorylase?

It is an enzyme. It’s primary role is in the catalysis of phosphate and uridine into uracil and alpha-D-ribose 1-phosphate.

How much uridine dosage a day?

Each of our VitaMonk capsules contains 250 mg of Uridine 5′-monophosphate disodium salt. Many people take one or two tablets of this dietary supplement per day. The exact RDA has not yet been determined. Always remember that for the best medical advice it is important to speak with your medical practitioner.

How much uridine in baker’s and brewer’s yeast, and are there any side effects in taking it in this form?

High quantities of brewer’s yeast may lead to a higher than normal production of uric acid. Baker’s yeast contains about 6.62% RNA.

How does uridine work?

By supporting RNA function. 

Is this product suitable for men, women, and seniors?


How long does it take for the uridine/choline/DHA stack to work?

This is likely to vary from person to person.

What is uridine good for?

As a component of RNA it has many positive health benefits for healthy men and women. 

Where can I buy uridine online?

You can find it for sale to order right here and it is also available to buy from our Amazon shop.

Are there any side effects?

Said symptoms have been reported at very high levels and may include diarrhea. It is always worthwhile to consult a professional before taking any form of supplementation if you have a known condition or disease.

Are uridine dietary supplementation tablets suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, our Vegicaps are vegetable based. In addition to Uridine 5′-monophosphate disodium salt our pills also contain rice flour (gluten free).

Can I get cheap or free shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping for free on all purchase orders $35+.

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