About VitaMonk

VitaMonk is your resource for supplements to strengthen and elevate your body and mind. We prioritize purity and healthfulness in our products, and clarity and transparency in our business. We build from a bedrock of rigorous science and honest inquiry. Our eyes may look skyward, but our (bare) feet are on the ground.

Explore what we offer for strong bodies, agile minds and optimal health at any age.

Three Tenets.

They say that if you have too many priorities, you might as well have none.  At VitaMonk, we keep it simple:

Say little, but speak the truth.

The supplement industry is full of buzz and big promises. At VitaMonk, we stick to what we can prove -- or we keep our mouths shut. If we make a claim, we’ll provide links to the published studies that give us our confidence. And if the scientific consensus changes, we’ll change with it. (Science doesn’t always give us a straight arrow to the truth, but it’s the best path we’ve got.)

Dedication brings clarity.

VitaMonk’s team is made from the same sort of people we aim to serve as customers: Optimistic. Ambitious. Realistic. We understand that nutritional supplements must supplement a healthy lifestyle and can’t be slapped in place as an effort-free alternative. Our individual dedication to health and performance helps to continually clarify how we can best serve our community.

Stillness is an illusion.

Life is a complex network of interlocking cycles and shifting balances. From the rhythms of years and seasons down to a single breath, change is the norm. And nature has given us bodies that don’t just adapt to change -- they require it. VitaMonk’s supplements support your body with what you need, when you need it. Whether providing calmness before bedtime, energy before competition, or strength for the future… There is no single ingredient for an optimal you.

Our supplements help you fully engage with a healthy lifestyle -- in times of high performance or deep concentration, rest or recovery.

Biology isn’t destiny.  But they do intertwine.

Nature. Nurture. We do both.

We all learn more every passing year about about how our bodies operate, grow and age -- and how we can help them thrive.  For untold millennia, humanity’s health was based on guesswork and life was fragile.  We have come a long way since then. 

Hundreds of years of accelerating progress is bringing light to the tactics we can use to achieve our highest potentials. To be the best version of ourselves.

Many traditional health practices have been validated. Others have been revealed as...well, baloney. (We’re being nice.) And modern science has identified, distilled and created compounds that ancient health enthusiasts simply never had access to.

At VitaMonk, we bring you the best quality health supplements available -- selected, sourced, and quality-assured to be worthy of a place in your home (and in ours). We choose nature, when given the choice between natural and synthetic alternatives, and most of our products are all natural. But we always place the greatest importance on product purity and the quality of the research verifying a compound as safe and effective. After all, aspirin is manmade and helpful; arsenic is natural and deadly.

Above all, we clearly communicate the ingredients used in each of our products. Whether it’s animal or vegetable, mineral or synthetic -- you’ll always know. So you can make your own informed decisions.

So that’s us. How about you?

If you’ve read this far, we’re excited and kinda flattered. Not to sound too hippy, but we’re vibing on each other.

There are two things you can do next.  (Or maybe three, since “Heck, I’ll do both” is an option.)

  1. Get our products “at cost.”

    Yes, we know this sounds too good to be true -- or at least anti-capitalist and weird. It’s not, and we explain why here.  (Believe us, it’s a big win-win.)
  2. Check out our products.

    The fruits of our research and our hard work. Explore the best quality nutritional supplements you’ll find anywhere.