CinnaTrax™ Ceylon Cinnamon

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, A Healthy Heart & Works As An Antioxidant

Ceylon Cinnamon is a popular nutrient source for a healthy heart.

Studies suggest that it can:

  • Support healthy blood sugar levels (blood glucose)
  • Support healthy lipid & cholesterol profile
  • Support healthy blood pressure levels

… in healthy adults.

Plus, it serves as an antioxidant - thanks to the large amounts of proanthocyanadins it contains (which are also found in healthy foods like grapes and green tea).

In fact - cinnamon has much higher antioxidant spices than most other spices (like oregano or garlic). This means it may promote a better response to oxidative damage - promoting your overall health. 

Use CinnaTrax™ to promote your cardiovascular health, manage blood pressure, and promote blood circulation!