OptiBeet™ - Powerful Beetroot Powder Extract With L-Citrulline To Enhance Endurance & Workout Stamina

Improve Your Athletic Performance & Endurance (By Promoting Blood Flow)

Beetroot is a powerful pre-workout supplement, due to the its high nitrate and nitric oxide content. L-citruline doubles down on that, because it regulates the nitric oxide in your body - helping your body produce more of it.

These nutrients are crucial for your physical performance. They have been scientifically shown to naturally support blood flow and promote dilation of your blood vessels. 

You’ll be able to transport more blood and oxygen to your muscles and boost your overall athletic performance and endurance.

But the remarkable amino acid L-citrulline does a lot more. It’s been shown to support reduced fatigue and improved endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic prolonged exercise in healthy individuals. 

Need a boost to get through your next workout?

Take some OptiBeet™ to quickly boost energy throughout your workout - without the jitters (or the hassle)!

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