Quad-Magnesium™ - All-In-One Magnesium Supplement for Sleep, Energy, Mood, and Health

All the Magnesium You Need to Enhance Your Life in One Capsule

Are you always feeling tired, irritable, and down? It could be low magnesium levels. Up to 50% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium through diet alone.

Filling the gaps with supplements could help you sleep better and live the day with more energy, stability, and focus.

Magnesium is vital to over 300 biochemical reactions and comes in a number of different forms. If you want the best results for each of the most important bodily functions, it’s no use taking just one form of magnesium. You need the right forms and the right dose.

With Quad-Magnesium™, you get all of the most potent forms (Glycinate chelate, taruniate, malate, orotate) in one serving without any harmful additives, so you can start leading a happier, healthier life with the lowest chance harmful side effects like an upset stomach.

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