Launch List Overview

Hey! I want to welcome you to our Launch List. You recently signed up on our site to be notified for massive discounts anytime we launched a new product. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain to you how this launch list works and why we are willing to give you up to 50% off all our newly launched products. 

First, we want to assure you this is not a gimmick. We are simply trying to launch our products on Amazon, which is a very tough market to sell in. The more units we sell, the more exposure Amazon gives us. So, we are willing to give away our discounted products (to you) at a loss, and in exchange we get more traction selling on Amazon. It’s that simple. A true win-win situation.

So how will this work?

Almost every week we will be sending you an email, with a link to a coupon code and a simple set of instructions on how to use it. Each time we launch a new product we will only be giving away a preset number of units. So if you're interested, be sure to use your coupon early or they will run out. It's first come first serve.

Excited? I know I am excited to get you these awesome discounts.

Enjoy, and thank you!