CFS Support Formula
Fatigue Support Supplement
Energy and Stress Supplement
Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement
Support Neuromuscular System
CFS Support Formula
Fatigue Support Supplement
Energy and Stress Supplement
Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement
Support Neuromuscular System

Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement


Vitalify™ is one of the most effective fatigue supplements you’ll find on the market.

It contains ultra-powerful ingredients that support:

  • A healthy response to fatigue
  • Promoted vitality, energy and focus throughout the day
  • Stress relief & relaxation 

Use Vitalify™ to get the energy you NEED to get through your long days and avoid that midday slump!

Stay Energized And Focused Throughout Your Day

Millions of people walk through life, constantly being tired. The smallest daily tasks can drain so much energy that sometimes, it’s hard to keep pushing through.

Vitalify™ helps. It’s one of the best supplements on the market that promotes vitality and helps support a healthy response to fatigue.

It combines powerful healthy ingredients that have been extensively tested in scientific studies. They’re known to boost your energy, alleviate stress, help you focus and support your mental clarity - all day long. 

Best of all, it’s 100% caffeine free and stimulant free, giving you pure support while avoiding painful crashes. 

Do you want to increase your energy and concentration the gentle way? Do you want to make it through the day without crashing halfway through?

Then Vitalify™ may help. Use it to help you get through the day full of energy - without feeling like you need a nap to go on.

Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement

Powerful Ingredients That Boost Your Energy 

Vitalify™ was specifically formulated to give the most effective, fast-acting support for day-to-day vitality in your life.

Our licensed doctors carefully selected the most powerful ingredients that are scientifically backed to boost your energy, and support a healthy fatigue response. Vitalify™ contains: 

  • Rhodiola Rosea: a herb traditionally used to support fatigue. Shown to significantly reduce the effects of prolonged exhaustion, and support stress relief.
  • L-Carnitine (& ALCAR): shown to be very effects at promoting healthy aging effects on mitochondria (the powerhouse of all cells in your body)
  • Panax Ginseng: the most researched Ginseng plant, a known fatigue-helper, stress-buster, and overall vitality-booster
  • Ashwagandha (or withania somnifera): a herb used in ancient Ayurveda medicine, scientifically shown to promote healthy energy levels with prolonged daily usage.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (or COQ10): a molecule produced in your body to aid your mitochondria during energy production. 

Combined, you’ll get an ultra-powerful stress and fatigue supplement that’ll support you to find the energy you need to get through your tiring days.

Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement

Safe, and Effective

VitaMonk's products are formulated by licensed doctors and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities following strict GMP compliance standards.

We go to great lengths to make sure our supplements meet the highest safety standards. When you use our supplements, you KNOW that you’ll only get the highest quality ingredients that have the most scientific backing to help you get results.

Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement
Get Vitalify™ Fatigue & Stress Supplement

We are so confident that you'll love this product that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with this supplement after using it, just let us know.

Insight into Vitality and How to Deal with Fatigue

Vitality can perhaps be best described as an ability to approach life with excitement and zest, and to simply feel the joys of being alive. This makes vitality a very important aspect of general wellbeing and happiness.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from a lack of vitality and have lost their passion for life. This may have far reaching implications, especially if their work or health suffers as a result [1, 2]. In these cases taking a fatigue supplement and partaking in positive emotional and physical exercises may go a long way to returning a lust for life.

The general concepts of vitality are rooted in ancient Asian philosophies. In Japan it is traditionally known as Ki, in China as Chi, in India as Prana, and in Bali as Baya [3, 4]. These traditions often refer to an underlying life energy. Likewise, western philosophers such as Sigmund Freud and Donald Winnicott were quick to associate the life energy associated with better mental health and well being.

There are many reasons why people may lose their vitality [5], these may include mental aspects such as the feeling you are getting old, stress, and internal conflicts; and internal problems such as hormonal imbalances, problems with the immune system, and infections.

Some of the major symptoms of fatigue related loss of vitality include exhaustion, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, muscle pains, strange headaches, and feeling drowsy despite getting a good night's sleep. 

Vitalify™ from VitaMonk contains a multitude of ingredients thought to help people stay energized and to retain focus and clarity throughout the day. The main ingredients are Rhodiola Rosea, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Panax Ginseng, CoQ10, and Ashwagandha. These have been carefully chosen to boost energy without the use of stimulants such as caffeine.

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng / Smell of Horse / Withania Somnifera)

This popular herb is included in supplements as it is thought to help support vitality and virility, have neuro-protective aspects, and to help enhance mood through supporting the body’s response to anxiety.

It is usually taken as a root extract and is best taken with food. It has long been popular as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda culture, where it is used as a tonic for rejuvenation and general well being [6].

The roots of Ashwagandha are rich in many steroidal lactone bioactives such as, Withanoside, withaferin A, Withanolide, and withanone [7]. They are also a rich source of catechins [8].

As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha may help to support healthier levels of stress [9], which is a known initiator of vitality and fatigue related issues. It has been reported by researchers to help in the support of anxious feelings of unease and concern [10].

Further to this, when cyclists were given a twice daily supplement of aqueous Ashwagandha roots for an eight week period there was a notable improvement in their aerobic capacity and in the time that it took these athletes to reach exhaustion [11]. Thus the herb is thought to support against fatigue in numerous ways.

Rhodiola Rosea (Arctic Root / Rose Root)

This plant has been traditionally used in Russia and Scandinavian countries to help overcome stress and cold temperatures [12]. It may help to support fatigue, well being, and to enhance both physical and vitality related cognition and mood [12]. 

Some of the main bioactives it contains include phenylpropanoid compounds such as Rosavins, Tyresol, and Salidroside, and β-sitosterol and Gossypetin [13]. 

Rhodiola Rosea is perhaps best known for its role in supporting fatigue when performing exercise activities that result in physical exhaustion. The use of rhodiola root extract has been demonstrated to support attention, reaction times, processing, pulse rates, and cognitive fatigue [14, 15,16].

It is also reported to have neuroprotective effects and to contain compounds that have antioxidative properties [17, 18].

Panax Ginseng (True Ginseng)

This common herb has been used as a traditional medicine in Asia for over 2,000 years and is thought to have numerous health benefits [19, 20]. Some of these benefits include the support of exercise, mood and cognition, and of the immune system.

The plant even has its own class of molecules named after it, the Ginsenosides [21]. Other active components found in Panax Ginseng include microRNA, polynes, GABA, L-Argenine, and numerous polysaccharides [22, 23]. 

It is included in this product for its potential fatigue supporting effects. In rats partaking in a forced swim test, the use of components of a Panax ginseng supplement demonstrated that acidic polysaccharides of ginseng had the greatest effect on the support of fatigue [24]. Ginseng has also been reported to support greater alertness and quality of life when compared with a placebo [25]. 

L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

One of the most well known roles of L-Carnitine is in energy metabolism. In addition to its role in vitality, ALCAR is often used to support brain function and might also support fat loss; possibly through increases in activity that improved energy metabolism allows [26]. 

Carnitine is involved in the transportation of fatty acid to the mitochondria [27]; once the fatty acids have been delivered they are broken down and used to produce energy.

With regards to causing fatigue, L-Carnitine may help to support aerobic endurance [28] and to improve VO2 max when taken alongside caffeine and choline [29]. 

Coenzyme Q10

The key role of the pseudo vitamin Coenzyme Q10 is to support the production of energy in the mitochondria [30], and it may thus help to support vitality. 

It has been reported that it helps support fatigue during exercise and to have a positive impact upon quality of life [31, 32].

Further Reading 

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What are the main vitalities according to Indian Jain Philosophy?

There are ten main things thought to affect vitality: energy, respiration, the mind, life-duration, speech, and the five main senses (Smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste).

What is the origin of the word vitality?

It comes from the Latin: vita.

What does vitality mean? Please can you define vitality?

It can be thought of as having a healthy life energy, aspects may include feelings of strength, of being active, and being full of vigor. 

Can I significantly improve my vitality by taking more calories?

The intake of calories is not directly related with vitality. Unless you have a very low calorific consumption, food and drink will have little impact on the condition. Indeed the opposite may be true; if you eat too much you may feel sluggish. 

What does CFS stand for?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

What foods provide carnitine?

As its name is derived from the Latin word for flesh (Carnus) it is not surprising to learn that most animal products are rich in L-carnitine, especially poultry and meat (beef, chicken), fish (cod), and dairy products (ice cream, cheese, milk).

Non-animal products that are good sources of it include whole wheat bread and asparagus. 

Why should I buy the Vitalify™- Fatigue Supplement from VitaMonk?

Like all of our products, VitaMonk Vitalify™ is made from high quality ingredients. The formula has been designed to include components reported in the scientific literature as having a potential role in supporting the treatment of vitality.

What is the recommended dose of this VitaMonk product?

The daily RDA for the ingredients in this product has not yet been determined. We suggest a serving size of two capsules, so each container will provide 60 servings. 

Can you tell me more about this product, for example is it suitable for those with gluten intolerances?

Yes, this product is gluten free, and it is suitable for vegetarians. We offer free shipping on all orders over $35. In addition to being on sale on this website you can also purchase VitaMonk Vitalify online from Amazon.