Does Fenugreek ACTUALLY Boost Testosterone Levels? (The Truth)

“Does Fenugreek really boost testosterone, build muscle, and increase libido?”

Men ask us this question almost daily. You want to boost your T-levels, look great, and have more energy, but you’re worried that it’s just the next over-hyped supplement that never delivers on big promises. The truth is YES, Fenugreek does work...just maybe not how you’d expect.

This article covers everything you need to know about Fenugreek and its effect on your testosterone levels, including:

  • What’s fact and what’s marketing
  • How it works in your body
  • Potential side effects
  • The RIGHT way to take it (hint: you MUST have a standardized fenugreek extract, plain fenugreek won't work)
  • Our answer to the question “Does Fenugreek actually boost testosterone?”

  • No gimmicks. No marketing. No big promises. Just the scientific facts and our personal experience from actually taking the supplement.

    READ THIS FIRST - Fenugreek Extract IS NOT Fenugreek

    fenugreek vs fenugreek extract

    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a lovely plant whose seeds have been used for thousands of years to help mothers increase breast milk production. It’s also a spice used to season some of the most seductively delicious Indian dishes.

    This ain’t it….

    We’re talking about Fenugreek extract. The dietary supplement that men use to push themselves in the gym and help make them better in bed.

    It’s a supplement made out of all of the most potent ingredients inside of the herb so you get all of the testosterone, libido, and dietary benefits without increased milk production!

    It’s all the rage in the supplement world. It has generated major buzz as an all-natural supplement that unlocks your inner masculinity. Just a few weeks and you’ll be a wild beast in the gym and the bedroom.

    But is that really true? Here’s what you need to know:

  • What is it and where does it come from? Fenugreek extract comes from the golden brown seeds of the Fenugreek plant, a plant native to the Indian subcontinent.
  • What is it used for? Since the extract contains powerful nutrients and chemicals that may boost your hormone levels, men use Fenugreek to help increase testosterone levels, regulate appetite to help lose weight, boost their libido, and get fit.
  • What’s in it? Fenugreek extract is a rich source of vital minerals and nutrients, but the secret sauce is the steroidal saponins. These powerful chemicals support the production of testosterone, the hormone that’s gonna get you lifting heavier and faster.
  • Are there any side effects of Fenugreek extract? Most men report that their sweat and urine smell like maple syrup from time to time! As far as research shows, the most severe symptoms are nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. Personally, we did notice minor nausea but it went away fast.
  • fenugreek testosterone science

    Fenugreek and Testosterone: The Science

    If you do a quick search for Fenugreek and testosterone, you’ll probably think you are researching a heated political debate rather than reading about supplements.

    There are hot takes on both sides of the spectrum, but make no mistake - Fenugreek extract does have scientifically proven weight loss, body composition, and testosterone benefits.

    A lot of the “false marketing” claims are most likely due to unrealistic expectations, if you ask us. VitaMonk prides itself on realistic expectations. If you keep expectations tempered, elevating your body and mind will be more fruitful.

    The thing is, when you take “Fenugreek” as a supplement, you are actually taking “Fenugreek extract”. Extract from Fenugreek seeds contains high concentrations of steroidal saponins, chemical compounds known for regulating blood sugar levels and supposedly boosting your LH (sex hormone) and testosterone (the MANLY man hormone).

    Testosterone Boosting Benefits


    increased muscle mass fenugreekFenugreek extract is marketed as a “manly man’s” supplement that boosts everything from libido to endurance and muscle growth. Unlike a lot of other supplements out there claiming to boost testosterone levels, Fenugreek extract has proven itself repeatedly in the lab.

    Several studies have clearly demonstrated Fenugreek’s weight loss, free testosterone levels, upper and lower body composition, and sexual health benefits.

    Fenugreek Extract and Testosterone

    1. 500mg of Fenugreek increased testosterone in college-aged men: A study in The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism [1] found that Fenugreek supplementation had a significant impact on testosterone, available testosterone, and body fat percentage.
    2. Fenugreek extract increased testosterone levels in aging men: A study from Aging Male in the US National Library of Medicine [2] showed that 600mg improved sexual function and testosterone in healthy, aging men (ages 43-70).

    Vitamonk’s Experience: While using Fenugreek, we definitely noticed at least some effect while at the gym. We weren’t conducting double-blind clinical trials from big pharma, but we noticed the benefits.

    Libido Enhancing Qualities

    libido and fenugreek

    We’re going to assume you aren’t interested in the finer details of our sex lives, so we’ll stick to scientific evidence. People have been taking Fenugreek as both a male and female sexual health supplement for millennia.

    Actually, there’s more evidence proving its effect on libido than anything else.

  • 600mg of Fenugreek extract per day demonstrated a “significant positive effect” in males: A study by Steels, et al (2011) [3] tested 600mg of the supplement in young males against a placebo. Ingestion resulted in a marked increase in arousal and libido.
  • The same study from above noted that men ages 43-70 noticed improved sexual function.
  • 600mg of Fenugreek significantly increased sexual arousal in women: According to a study by Rao et al (2015) [4], women ages 20-49 who had reported low sexual arousal reported increased sexual arousal and desire after taking 600mg of Fenugreek daily.

  • Vitamonk’s Experience: You didn’t really think we would tell you what’s going on in the bedroom, did you? We firmly believe that life is a complex network of interlocking cycles. Nothing is isolated. If you are healthy, aware of your body, and exercising regularly, your libido should be fine as is.

    Fenugreek for Testosterone: What Science Says

    Based on what we know, there’s STRONG evidence that Fenugreek has positive effects for certain kinds of people:

  • Aging men
  • Women with low libido
  • Young men who want to increase libido

  • There is also a lot of encouraging evidence out there for Fenugreek’s effects on general testosterone levels, body composition, and general health for men of ALL AGES.

    Why Are Reports Contradictory?

    Supplements are tricky. Our bodies are all unique and we react to supplements in different ways.

    If you aren’t taking care of your body, no one supplement is going to make a major difference.

    One person might take a supplement and feel energetic, strong, and virile and another may feel no effect at all (and rush to put a negative review on Amazon!).

    The only way to know if it truly works is to test it yourself. So that’s exactly what we did…

    Does Fenugreek Boost Testosterone?

    The VitaMonk team added Fenugreek supplementation to our daily regimen to see for ourselves.

    After taking it for a few weeks, the results were good overall but maybe not what you’d expect. We definitely noticed SOME effects (good sleep, energy in the gym, etc.), but we can’t say for sure if it was the Fenugreek directly.

    It most likely helped us optimize our natural levels of testosterone rather than boost them directly. But, having naturally optimized levels helps you get more out of every facet of your life: sleep, diet, exercise, libido, etc. So in that way, yes, it works.

    In terms of libido, we noticed a slight uptick. Testosterone is a major factor in your libido, so if Fenugreek helps your sexual health, that’s a good sign there are testosterone benefits to taking it.

    fenugreek and a healthy diet may increase testosterone

    Verdict: There is strong scientific and anecdotal evidence that Fenugreek helps increase levels of free testosterone. If you take the necessary steps to optimize your body’s ability to utilize those levels of testosterone, you will reap the benefits. There’s also strong evidence that it increases libido in people with low-libido and aids testosterone levels in aging men.

    For us, it helped optimize our natural levels, which led to better results at the gym and “elsewhere” (wink-wink). It won’t miraculously turn you into He-Man, but it definitely helps you get fit and healthy.






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