Tranquilora™ - Premium Relora® Supplement to Support Stress & Weight Loss

Superior Dose To Promote Calmness Of Mind & Healthy Sleep

Tranquilora™ contains a high dose of both of the active natural ingredients in Relora for extra potency. 

Magnolia Officinalis is made from Magnolia bark and has been shown to support adrenal health, leading to healthy stress management in your body.

Phellodendron Amurense is the second natural herb found in Relora, and is known to calm the nervous system.

Together, they help support a calm mind and healthy sleep - without any of the fatigue or drowsiness usually associated with it. Not only do they help manage stress, they also help you lift your mood and support general well-being.

Dealing with stress or lethargy? Give your body the vital support it needs to deal with stress the right way - with Tranquilora™.

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