Tranquilora™ - Premium Relora® Supplement to Support Stress & Weight Loss

Naturally Support Adrenal Health, Stress Management & Weight Loss 

Tranquilora™ is a superior Relora supplement, consisting of 375mg of Relora - among the highest doses on the market. Relora is a patented blend of two natural herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for its wide range of health benefits. 

Studies show that Relora is effective at supporting normal cortisol levels (the stress hormone), thereby promoting a healthy response to stress, and supporting weight loss, energy levels, sleep quality and your overall adrenal system

Chronic and excessive stress can lead to a wide range of negative effects on your health. Nervous eating, tension, irritability, tiredness, sadness - it all comes with the territory. Tranquilora™ is a powerful stress manager that helps you control appetite and stress-related eating - thereby being perfect to use for weight management and weight loss!

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